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Safety of Pittsburgh Cultural District Bike Lanes Questioned

bicycle in downtown bike lane

The bike lanes on Penn Avenue and other streets in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District were put in to help keep bicyclists safe. But bicyclists now worry that the outdoor dining areas set up to help keep restaurants in operation during the pandemic are creating dangerous conditions that can lead to bicycle accidents.

Andrew Brown, a downtown resident and avid cyclist, recently retweeted a video taken on the street on July 11, 2020. He wrote that there was a “good (albeit flexible) separation between cars and bikes” and parking zones that were well-marked.

But he said the Pittsburgh Department of Mobility & Infrastructure had allowed conditions to decay.

“The original setup was pretty good but what happened was, the protection that we did have to keep cars separate from people on bikes and scooters deteriorated to the point where cars were driving head-on into bikes (traffic flow) coming the opposite way,” he told Pittsburgh's Action News 4.

Concerns about the safety of bicyclists

On March 6 of this year, Brown tweeted a new video showing a car crossing over into the bike lane.

Sidewalks for outdoor dining have been permanently extended in the district and the flexible poles set up to help protect bike lanes have been knocked down by traffic.

Kim Lucas, acting director of the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, said the agency was addressing concerns.

“Any places where flexible delineators may have been taken out by a motor vehicle driver will either be replaced or -- with a new design -- we're going to have something better in its place,” she said.

Scott Bricker, executive director of Bike Pittsburgh, said the group wants businesses to succeed but wished that bicyclists had more input in changes. Lucas said the onset of the pandemic had limited public engagement on those changes.

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Because bicyclists have no protection out on the road, they can suffer serious injuries in a bicycle accident. These include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. They may need extensive medical treatment and their medical expenses can skyrocket. Many victims are left wondering how they will pay their bills.

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