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Romanow Law Group is one of the leading car accident law firms in Pennsylvania. We are the Pittsburgh personal injury and car accident lawyers to choose when failure is not an option.

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The talent to get more

The practice of law is binary, there is always a winner and a loser. The car accident attorney you choose to represent you may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. It often makes the difference between winning and losing and almost always determines how fast a claim is settled and for how much money. Insurance companies only settle claims for a fair value to avoid going to trial against skilled lawyers. This means that the amount they settle for is relative to the potential loss at trial. If you select car accident attorneys that the insurance company doesn’t take seriously that fact will certainly be reflected in the dollar figure offered to resolve your claim.

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“I founded Romanow Law Group to help those in need and built it on the core belief that the best personal injury attorneys don’t cost you more, they get you more. I believe that everyone who is injured by the negligence of another should get A-level representation by a top personal injury lawyer. My goal was to create the type of law firm that I would send my own family and friends to if they were seriously injured in an accident.”

– David M. Romanow, Esq.


Practicing as a trial lawyer on the West Coast for many years gave me a unique perspective on the existing legal community in Pittsburgh, specifically those law firms representing injured plaintiffs. One of the first things that I noticed was that the average verdicts and settlements in Pittsburgh were far below the national average for comparable injuries. While other law firms have historically demonstrated that they are OK with this, Romanow Law Group refuses to accept that people injured in this city are somehow less valuable than those living elsewhere. We leverage all our resources, experience and talent and put in the long hours to make sure that our clients don’t get shortchanged. The bottom line is that our attorneys do what it takes to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


At Romanow Law Group our clients are kept informed of every detail of their cases and are in constant communication with their lawyers. We understand that when clients call, they often have legal questions about their cases and want to talk directly to their lawyers, not a file clerk.  Our attorneys answer client calls and we never use a paralegal or law clerk to filter or otherwise screen our clients’ calls. We take as much time as necessary to ensure that all of clients’ questions get answered promptly.

We believe that the more communication with the client, the better the representation.  That is why we take to time to get to know every one of our clients. The more we learn about a client, the better we will be able to represent him or her and understand how an accident has impacted that client’s life.

Get What You Pay For

Virtually every car accident lawyer in America charges his or her clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client pays a percentage of the ultimate recovery as the legal fee.  This fee structure is “contingent” on the attorney obtaining a recovery.  If no recovery is made, the client is not charged any legal fees. Make no mistake, by entering into a contingency fee agreement, you are paying for an attorney’s time.

The amount of attorney time dedicated to a case is usually directly proportional with the outcome achieved. Some law firms try to increase their profit margins by minimizing the amount of attorney time dedicated to their clients’ cases, hiring the cheapest lawyers possible or a combination of both.

Exclusively Personal Injury and Car Accidents

Founder, high-power trial lawyer and legal strategist David Romanow, spent his entire career practicing personal injury law exclusively and has done so with astonishing results for his clients. This firm is entirely comprised of personal injury attorneys and we don’t practice in any other legal discipline. Meaning, we don’t practice family law on Monday, criminal law on Tuesday, and moonlight as car accident lawyers on Wednesday. Everyone knows the expression Jack of all Trades, Master of None. All the lawyers at our firm have the talent to get our clients the maximum recovery allowed by law.

What makes Romanow Law Group different is that we only hire the top-tier talent because we know those are the type of attorneys that change outcomes. Our attorneys are the architects of our clients’ cases from day one through the ultimate resolution of the case. We put in the time, dedicate the resources and take our clients’ cases as far as they need to get to make our client’s whole. We never quit fighting hard for our clients until we obtain the desired result.

Invitation to Call My Law Firm

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or through some other type of negligent conduct, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. You can speak directly with me. My firm won’t redirect you to a paralegal or an intake specialist or, even worse, middleman you out to some entirely different law firm.