What clients have to say about their experience with our Pittsburgh law firm

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you deserve financial compensation. Many lawyers are happy to take your case and make a quick settlement offer, but that leaves you with less money than you should be getting. At Romanow Law Group, we don’t think that’s good enough. Our personal injury lawyers fight for the best possible outcome.

We are proud of the testimonials we have received from clients. Each one is from a person who our lawyers were able to help after they were hurt due to the negligence of another. Each one is a reminder that the time, efforts, resources and hard work we put into each case really makes a difference in people’s lives.

If we represent you in your case, you owe us nothing unless we recover financial compensation for you. We pay the costs to move your case forward and work to build a strong case that insurance companies must take seriously. We want you to focus on getting better.

Learn more about how we can help you with your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. We can review the details of your case, go over your legal options, and give you an honest assessment about what to expect. We can also answer any questions that you have.

Testimonials from clients

“Do not think twice about hiring this firm! Do not think twice about calling David Romanow! Only just one phone call away! Thanks Dave you are the man!”

- Aubrey C., car accident claim

“He was reassuring from the beginning, and the entire process was much less stressful than I imagined it would be. Simply stated, he works hard for his clients. I highly recommend Romanow Law Group.”

- Courtney W., trucking accident claim

“…I have had direct access to David and his team at all times and have worked directly with an attorney and not a secretary or paralegal. Do yourself a favor and get the Romanow Law Group on your side and let them handle it.”

- Brian S., car accident claim

“This was my first time using a personal injury lawyer and there wouldn’t be anybody else I would choose if I ever had to do it again. Truly good people.”

- Byron C., car accident claim

“David and his Associates are amazing...I would recommend them to anyone, they had my case settled in under 6 months and kept good communication with me the whole time...very professional and passionate about what they do.”

- Anthony H., car accident claim

“I’m very satisfied with his results. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his service. Thank you David Romanow!”

- Debbie B., car accident claim

“With David you not only get an attorney you get someone to lean on that is willing to fight for every dime you deserve. I could not have asked for a better person or attorney to represent me. The only thing I wish I would have done was call David sooner!! I cannot thank you enough.”

- Danny M., trucking accident claim

“Through all of the issues this created in my personal and professional life I didn’t have a single worry as to his handling on my case and helped to put at ease many concerns I had along with keeping me current and updated at all times and reachable for any questions I had. I had great representation from a very conscientious, professional attorney who is a blessing for our Pittsburgh community.. Thank you David….”

- Chaz R., motorcycle accident claim

“Completely satisfied with my experience with David Romanow Law Group. They kept in excellent contact throughout the process. Both David and Richard are passionate about what they do and it bleeds into their work I was referred here and will continue to refer others. No question the best in Pittsburgh.”

- Ashleigh M., car accident claim

“They represented me in my auto accident and they were professional they do not sugar coat anything and they work hard and go beyond.”

- Shane B., car accident claim

“Really nice law firm, i would definitely recommended it to anybody that has any type of personal injury. Our interaction felt more like an older brother trying to make sure I'm fine, then a business transaction between lawyer and client.”

- Laurent W., car accident claim

“I have found my experience with Romanow Law Group to be extremely positive. I recommend anybody that needs help with a personal injury case, seek their counsel. They have been prompt, attentive, and extremely wise in handling my case. In a difficult situation, it is good to know that somebody is covering your back and not treating you like a number.”

- Matthew H., car accident claim

 “Ismael , Dave and the team are all amazing attorneys they work hard for their clients and keep them informed which gives you peace of mind. With a lot of cases peace of mind means a lot. I had trust that ismael would get me the compensation I needed to return to work and recover and I am glad I worked with those gentlemen.”

- Dominic P. 

“Andrew is EXCELLENT at explaining EVERYTHING!! He is extremely intelligent and definitely knows his stuff.”

- Terry J.

 “I was referred to the Romanow law group by my doctor. They made it easy to meet came to me made me feel at ease from day one. Andrew was always there to answer all my questions. He always returned my calls even helped me with stuff that didn't even involve the case. Andrew got me set up with good doctors and made sure I got the treatment I needed. Andrew made sure I got the settlement I deserved. I would highly recommend the Romanow law group they treat you like family. I would like to thank David Andrew and Ishmael for everything the did for my family I would have lost everything i worked for if they didn't step up to the plate for me.”

- Wayne M.

“I personally worked with an attorney, Andrew Flenner, who gave me the truth regarding my particular case. He was honest and went above and beyond to explain my options. I would definitely recommend this law firm to friends and family.”

- Shannon A.

 ‘I called out of the blue and spoke to a representative today. I was asking a question regarding and accident that I had been involved in. They answered all my questions and informed me of what the best direction moving foreword with my claim was. Thank you so very much, you guys will be the first people I call again if I ever need anything.”

- Steve T.

“Andrew Flenner, Esq. explained the process, kept me apprised every step of the way and took my case to a successful conclusion. I appreciate the honest and respectful manner in which he discussed things with me. I would recommend him to anyone who may have need of a personal injury attorney.”

- Deb S. 

“These guys are with you from start to finish. I did the leg work and shopped my case, I'm happy with the choice I made. Out of the top five law groups (including E Synder) that I talked to the choice was easy. They are personal and professional and I'd recommend them again.”

- D.S.

“Romanow Law Group were excellent every step of the way. They did a great job representing me after I was injured in a car accident.”

- Robert B.

“David and his team helped us navigate through a challenging vehicle accident case that spanned multiple years. Without the help from David and Rick, Our case would’ve been dead in the water and left us frustrated. They are compassionate, willingly to accept a challenge, and fight for what’s best for each situation. David’s tenacity and Rick’s ability to make everyone feel comfortable ensure that I’d recommend them to anyone for legal needs and am extremely satisfied with everything they’ve done.”

- Joanne C.

“I have a first hand experience with Ismail and David, my advice is ‘if you want to win and be happy’ choose them to your side”

- W.M.

“If there were more stars allowed I would give them! The Romanow Group did for me what no less than 12 other lawyers said was not possible, and one of he law fims even dropped my case as "unwinnable"! David & Ish were wonderful they guaranteed they would fight for me and fight they did and we won! They kept me informed as to case status and were empathitic and honest about our chances. If you have a personal injury issue please do yourself the justice of allowing this team to fight for you, I believe you won't regret it!!!’

- Lynn J

“Great law firm! Andrew Flenner handled my worker's compensation case. Took the time to explain everything to me. Very friendly and down to earth. Definitely earned my trust. This is one law firm I'll be calling if i need any legal help in the future.”

- Jean S. 

“After experiencing our tragedy I tried to handle the other person's insurance but wasn't able to. I attorneys came out to my house within the hour sat and spoke with my husband and I for a few hours allowed me to explain what happened in detail then explained to us what would happen next for our case we had to submit some documents they took the documents made the necessary copies and drove them back to my house personally. Showed us the compassion when we needed it the most. Thank you Romanow Law!”

- Joy H.

“Very knowledgeable. I highly recommend these guys. They helped me with 2 cases. Received compensation in both!!!!! Very friendly.
Thank you David, Ishmael, Andrew and Rick.”

- Dawn G.

“Would highly recommend Andrew Flenner. Andrew took care of my workers comp case. Answered all of my questions without hesitation. Andrew made things go smooth and quick. He helped me tremendously. Got me to where I needed to be.”

- Sheila P.

“I was treated so good by not only the attorney who represented me. But the whole firm was there and ready and willing to help with anything you'll have questions about. Stop looking. You will not find better!”

- Shawn

“I was hurt in a trip & fall accident, I only had 2 years to collect on my injury, I was told that another woman had the same accident as me. I decied I wanted to make a statement the attorney I had first waited a year & 1/2 before telling me there was nothing they could do for me.
I saw a commercial for Romanow Law thought it can't hurt to call. Happy to say I got compensated for my pain & suffering, also all my medical bills were paid.
I was treated with respect, from the first phone call.
I will GLADLY return too, as well as refer anyone I know to David & his group.
Thank You or all you have done.”

- Annette S. 

“I am extremely impressed with the time and dedication to my case from Ismail Yousef and David Romanow and I would recommend this law group to anyone involved in a personal injury case.”

- Amanda P.

“Will go to the wall for people”

- Denise B.

“I would definitely recommend David and Ismail for any legal concerns...They are amazing, the best. A part of my family and our life story.”

- Chryssi A.

“I was in a bad car accident and these lawyers are top notch. I’ve tried other firms, but these guys are on a different level.”

- Paula A.