The Romanow Difference

Aggressive representation from experienced car accident lawyers

Romanow Law Group is founded on the belief that every person seriously injured in an accident should receive A-level representation from an experienced injury lawyer.

Attorneys that don’t stop fighting until the job is done

The lead trial lawyer and managing partner at Romanow Law Group has experience successfully litigating cases ranging from simple car accidents to complex brain injury cases and achieved multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients. The insurance companies keep detailed logs of which injury lawyers can hurt them at trial and which attorneys can’t find the courtroom door. You want to settle your injury claim as quickly as possible for the maximum amount of money allowed by law. Call our personal injury attorneys to experience the Romanow Difference and find out what a real trial lawyer can do.

Insurance companies know which law firms can take a case to trial and, more importantly, which ones can’t. A fair settlement for you comes through your personal injury attorney negotiating with the insurance company. If the insurance company knows that the law firm can’t take a case to trial, there is no ability to negotiate a fair settlement. David Romanow has argued for clients numerous times before juries and insurance companies keep track of this. Our willingness to take cases to trial is a factor considered by insurance adjusters when making settlement offers.

What you can expect at Romanow Law Group:

  • Speak with an attorney, not a paralegal
    At our firm, our clients’ cases are handled, from start to finish, by a licensed Pennsylvania attorney. We take this approach so that even the smallest details of cases receive the proper attention.
  • Free, no obligation consultation
    It is important that you know how the law affects your case. David will explain your options and possible outcomes with you at no charge. It really is free advice from an experienced lawyer.
  • If you can’t come to us, we will go to you
    We regularly go to hospitals and to the homes of our clients who cannot travel to our office for whatever reason.
  • Open communication with your attorney
    If you have a question or concern in the evening or on the weekend, you can call our cellphones.
  • We have the reputation and the experience
    At Romanow Law Group we employ some of the most talented trial lawyers in Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania. The founder and managing partner, David Romanow, has a reputation, on a national level, of being one the most dominant and successful trial lawyers representing injured people.
    Our team has the skills, resources and work ethic to tilt the playing field in favor of our clients. The last place that the defendant(s) want to see us is in the courtroom and that motivates the other side to pay our clients exactly what their cases are worth, without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.
  • Rated five stars for a reason
    The reason why we are so highly rated by past clients is that we are willing to roll up our sleeves, do the work and whatever else it takes to win. Our past clients have removed the guesswork out of selecting the right personal injury attorney to handle your injury claim. We hold a perfect 5-star rating from our past clients because our lawyers consistently deliver on their promises, often meeting and exceeding client expectations. When you have been seriously injured you should be focused on getting better, not worrying about whether you have the right attorney for the job. With our personal injury attorneys on your case, you will never have to second guess your choice of legal representation and have the peace of mind of knowing that you have some of the best lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA working hard for you.

Guarantee to Our Clients

Our number one priority is the interest of our clients. Clients at our firm are treated like family, not a case number. Our injury lawyers answer the phones and return phone calls. When you call the firm and want to talk to a specific lawyer, you get to talk directly with that lawyer. Our legal team will get the insurance companies and bill collectors to STOP calling. We will get you the medical treatment that you need. We have existing relationships with, and will pay for the services of, the top experts in the world whenever doing so would benefit our clients.

There are never any upfront costs to our clients. You will have a lawyer handling every aspect of your case, from start to finish. Our injury attorneys don’t process thousands of claims per year, which means that our clients never have to worry about their case file being on the bottom of the stack. Our lawyers give all our personal injury cases the personalized attention that they deserve. If you have been seriously hurt in an accident talk directly with a lawyer at our firm and experience the Romanow Difference. Remember, the best lawyers don’t cost you more – they get you more. Speak to a lawyer by dialing 1-844-GET-MORE.

If your lawyer avoids the courtroom at all costs, it could cost you plenty

Given that less than 2 percent of civil cases ever go to trial, many lawyers lack any type of trial experience. David has successfully fought for clients in court numerous times at all levels of case complexity, from low speed accidents with minor injuries, to catastrophic injuries requiring lifelong care.

Insurance companies make settlement offers based on how likely they are to lose at trial. If the law firm you choose to represent you does not have a proven track record in court, the insurance adjuster will know, and it can cost you thousands. Contact us for a free consultation.