Investigating Trucking Companies

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Trucking companies can often be difficult to deal with after a truck accident. That’s because they know there’s often so much money at stake. They know that if the authorities can prove the truck driver was at fault, they should be responsible for paying for your accident-related expenses.

That’s why we want to help. Our experienced Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers at Romanow Law Group know how to investigate trucking companies. We know what evidence to look for after a crash, and we know how to find it. We take an aggressive approach about truck accidents, and we don’t back down in tough cases. We’re prepared to fight the trucking companies, insurance companies and anyone else who stands in our way.

What information do trucking companies have involving truck accidents?

Commercial trucking companies often have a lot of valuable information related to truck accidents. That’s why it’s important to have access to this information as soon as possible. As your attorney, we can demand to see:

  • The truck driver’s driving history.
  • The truck driver’s accident history.
  • Trucking company hiring records and standards.
  • Trucking company maintenance records
  • Pennsylvania crash report.
  • Witness statements.
  • Crash photos and video recorded by a dashcam, truck camera, smartphone, nearby surveillance equipment, intersection cameras, or some other recording device.
  • 911 calls.
  • Medical reports, bills, and records.

In addition, we can demand to see the so-called “black box” data from the truck that caused your crash. Commercial trucks equipped with these devices record important information about each accident, including:

  • The speed truck was traveling at the time of the crash.
  • The last time the truck driver took a break.
  • Mileage reports.
  • Federal and state safety inspection results.
  • The exact location of the truck at the time of the accident.
  • The route the truck driver took before the crash.
  • Cargo records.
  • Inspection and repair records.

We know what information trucking companies are legally required to maintain and provide – driver qualification files, repair and maintenance records, and cargo data. We can take quick action to demand to see other types of information from the trucking company before it is destroyed.

In many cases, a trucking company is not obligated to keep black box recordings from a truck that is still in service. If a crash puts the vehicle out of commission, then the company may have to keep the records available for about 30 days. Knowing there is a deadline, trucking companies will often refuse to help seriously injured victims. That won’t work with us. We know the law and what it takes to win in Pennsylvania. We will fight hard to get you the results you deserve.

What makes investigating trucking companies so difficult after a crash?

Investigating trucking companies can be challenging for many different reasons. Some of the reasons why include:

  • The trucking company refuses to provide information about the truck driver.
  • The trucking company refuses to provide information about the truck involved in a crash.
  • The trucking company destroys evidence related to your accident.
  • The trucking company denies doing anything wrong.

We know the games trucking companies often play after a serious accident, and we know how to beat them and win tough cases. That’s what sets our law firm apart – our aggressive approach and our desire to win.

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