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New Poll Reveals Most Americans Admit to Drowsy Driving

Here are the signs of drowsy driving & safe driving tips from our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers Most people know it's not good to drive when sleep-deprived. But, according to a new survey, a lot of drivers do it anyway, causing serious and fatal car accidents in Pittsburgh and other major cities across the U.S....

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Study Ranks Pennsylvania High in Number of Pedestrian Deaths

If you or a loved one were hit by a car in Pittsburgh, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer from Romanow Law Group to review your potential legal options. Nobody expects to be hurt when they are simply out walking. But a car accident can result in severe and often life-changing injuries for pedestrians. Unfortunately, too...

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PennDOT Study Shows Roundabouts Can Reduce Intersection Accidents

To make roadways safer, Pennsylvania has turned to roundabouts. Recent crash data shows that roundabouts can be useful tools to improve roadway safety for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike, which is good because serious crashes remain a problem in Pittsburgh and other major cities throughout the state. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot),...

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Compensation for Rear-End Accidents in Pennsylvania

Every year rear-end collisions make up about 30 percent of all motor vehicle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many assume rear-end accidents are minor, but that isn’t the case. Rear-end accidents can leave both drivers with serious injuries. Determining who is at fault for your injuries is crucial when seeking...

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NHTSA Targets Speeding With New Campaign

Speeding has quickly become one of the leading causes of car accidents in Pennsylvania and nationwide. That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced an educational campaign about the dangers of speeding. “Much like impaired driving, speeding can steal the lives of everyone using our roads: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists,” Steven...

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Fatal Car Accidents Surge Nationwide

Traffic safety experts say there’s a ‘crisis’ on our roads. A national surge in fatal car accidents has safety officials scrambling to raise awareness and reduce crashes. In Pennsylvania, we’re seeing the deadly trend, too - especially in Allegheny County, which is second only to Philadelphia in the number of annual fatal wrecks reported. In...

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Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Spike by 25%

U.S. pedestrian fatalities also increased dramatically for the 2nd year in a row Pedestrian accident deaths in Pennsylvania increased by a startling 25 percent last year, according to nationwide and state-by-state pedestrian accident statistics compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association. “We have an epidemic of people dying when they are walking, and we have...

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Safety of Pittsburgh Cultural District Bike Lanes Questioned

The bike lanes on Penn Avenue and other streets in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District were put in to help keep bicyclists safe. But bicyclists now worry that the outdoor dining areas set up to help keep restaurants in operation during the pandemic are creating dangerous conditions that can lead to bicycle accidents. Andrew Brown, a downtown...

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month Highlights a Serious Danger

Pittsburgh drivers are reminded to pay attention and focus on the road We’ve all seen distracted drivers on the road in Pittsburgh and other busy cities. Sometimes, it’s people recklessly texting and driving. Other times, it’s someone carelessly eating while driving or looking up directions while they’re going 70 miles per hour on a highway....

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