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New Poll Reveals Most Americans Admit to Drowsy Driving

Woman struggles to stay awake while driving a car in Pittsburgh

Here are the signs of drowsy driving & safe driving tips from our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers

Most people know it's not good to drive when sleep-deprived. But, according to a new survey, a lot of drivers do it anyway, causing serious and fatal car accidents in Pittsburgh and other major cities across the U.S.

About 60 percent of drivers - that's 37 million Americans - drive drowsy at least once a year, according to a recent National Sleep Foundation (NSF) poll.

Nationwide, drowsy drivers cause about 6 percent of crashes but more than 20 percent of fatal car accidents, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

"Drowsy driving is impaired driving," said Joseph Dzierzewski, NSF vice president of research and scientific affairs. "We see that while most Americans believe drowsy driving is risky, they still drive when not fully alert. The good news is — drowsy driving is preventable."

Help for crash victims in Pittsburgh

Romanow Law Group is always on the side of injured car accident victims, and we agree that prevention is possible. If you were injured or a loved one died in a Pittsburgh car accident, contact us for a free case consultation to learn more about your legal options for compensation.

Signs of drowsy driving

Unfortunately, accidents involving drowsy drivers are common in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. Nationwide, there are about 380,000 drowsy driving accidents every year.

Locally, a drowsy driving accident in October involved a trucker who was injured when he allegedly fell asleep while driving and hit an embankment on Route 18 in North Beaver Township, Lawrence County, according to local news.

In an ideal world, we all would all get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel of a car, but that's not always possible. Therefore, to avoid a car accident, knowing the signs of drowsy driving is a good idea. If you recognize them in another driver, you might prevent a crash by encouraging them to stop driving. Signs someone is too tired to drive include:

  • Frequent yawning.
  • Missing turns.
  • Hitting the rumble strip.
  • Excessive blinking or inability to keep eyes open.
  • Can't remember driving the last several miles.
  • Tailgating.
  • Nodding off.
  • Drifting and swerving into another lane

Driving while drowsy, sleepy, or exhausted is reckless. The Romanow Law Group fights hard in Pittsburgh and throughout the area to hold negligent drowsy drivers accountable. We negotiate aggressively for maximum compensation for victims' injuries.

Avoid drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is a choice, which means preventing this type of crash is possible. Here are 4 tips on how to avoid drowsy driving:

  1. Get the recommended amount of nightly sleep. If a driver starts their day tired from lack of sleep, they are at greater risk of causing a drowsy driving crash. The NSF study noted that getting the recommended amount of sleep - 7-9 hours per night - is easier for some people than for others.
  2. Know the signs of drowsy driving. If you see signs of drowsy driving in another motorist, encourage them to pull over or go to a nearby place where they can stop and rest.
  3. Have a passenger. Talking to a tired driver helps them stay engaged and awake.
  4. Make regular stops to rest. Stop every 100 miles or so to rest and assess whether the driver can continue to drive safely.

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