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PennDOT Surveys Public on Increase in Fatal Pennsylvania Crashes

View from the other side of a divided highway of a car accident in Pittsburgh.

Allegheny County, Pittsburgh car accidents follow state trend

As severe injuries and fatal car accidents increase statewide, Pennsylvania transportation officials asked people what they think about roadway safety. Through an online survey, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) officials hope to identify areas where they can improve and gain a better understanding of safety challenges.

The survey asked for people’s thoughts on seat belt use, impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving, and various other traffic safety measures affecting highways, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders.

People were polled in response to the rising number of traffic accident fatalities, and serious injury crashes statewide. In 2021, the year with the most recent data available, 1,230 people were killed in Pennsylvania motor vehicle accidents. However, safer driving habits may have prevented many of the fatalities, said PennDOT Acting Secretary Mike Carroll.

“Many of these deaths could have been prevented simply by buckling up, slowing down, paying attention, and driving sober,” Carroll said in a statement. He said survey results will help PennDOT adjust its approach to serve the community better.

Allegheny County fatal crash statistics

Car accidents are increasing all over Pennsylvania, including in our community. Here are some 2021 fatal accident statistics for Allegheny County, provided by PennDOT.

In 2021, 68 people died in fatal Allegheny County traffic accidents. That's 8 more deaths than in 2020. The fatalities include:

  • 19 people who were not wearing seatbelts.
  • 16 pedestrians.
  • 9 motorcycle riders.
  • 1 bicyclist.

Fatal car accidents happen for many reasons. PennDOT tracks some of the most common fatal accident factors. From most to least common, here are some factors that contributed to deadly crashes in Allegheny County:

  • Impaired driver.
  • Drunk driver.
  • Speeding.
  • Drugged driver.
  • Distracted driver.

Also ...

  • Large trucks were involved in 6 fatal accidents in 2021 - twice as many as in 2020.
  • Road rage and aggressive driving accidents caused 6 deaths.
  • A little under one-third of traffic fatalities occurred at intersections.
  • Red-light runners killed 4 people.
  • A vehicle malfunction or “failure” was a factor in 7 roadway deaths.

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