Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers – Knee or Meniscal Injury

The Romanow Difference helps clients recover financial compensation

The knee is also one of the most commonly injured parts of the human body following a car accident. Our car accident lawyers have handled hundreds of knee injury cases and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in recoveries for injured clients in Pittsburgh and across western Pennsylvania.

At Romanow Law Group, we know that recovering financial compensation after a car accident can be complicated. Negligent drivers deny responsibility and insurance companies try to pay you as little as possible. If you suffered a knee injury in a car accident, we fight to help you recover the maximum compensation possible.

Our car accident lawyers understand the impact of knee injuries

The human knee is comprised of two pieces of cartilage shaped like a “C” and which act like a cushion between your shinbone and your thighbone. Each cartilage is called a “meniscus” in the singular, and both are called the “menisci.” The blunt force of a car accident can often cause the knee to collide with the lower part of the steering wheel or other interior of the car. The blow can be so severe that it tears a meniscus or both menisci.

A torn meniscus causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the affected knee. A torn meniscus can be identified during a physical exam when the orthopedic doctor moves the knee and leg into different positions or examines the injured patient further by observing the patient walking or squatting. In addition, medical imaging such as x-rays and MRIs will identify a torn meniscus.

Conservative treatment is often the first line of therapy, consisting of rest, ice, and medications, such as anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain of a torn meniscus and give the body time to heal at its own pace. In severe cases, a torn meniscus will require surgical repair.

Romanow Law Group’s car accident lawyers have won hundreds of cases for clients with a torn meniscus following a car crash. Our attorneys are well-versed in the science and law regarding these types of injuries and know that every torn meniscus carries future complications.

Our lawyers advocate on your behalf to get you compensation for these future complications, and to win your case by getting you the maximum amount of money allowed under law for your pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, loss of income, and other loss of enjoyment of life. Insurance adjusters have one goal – to pay you as little as possible.

Strong cases that get results

Our legal team investigates your car accident. We gather evidence, review accident reports and medical records, interview witnesses and if needed, consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists. We build strong cases that insurance companies must take seriously.

Insurance companies know that we have the experience, legal knowledge, resources and dedication to fight back against their attempts to limit compensation. They know we are willing and prepared to fight for clients in court. That reputation helps us get results for our clients through negotiated settlements.

Getting the right legal representation for car accident injuries, including knee injuries, is the best course of action you can take for your case and your future. Call 1-844-GET-MORE or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer at Romanow Law Group.