Pittsburgh Lawyers Who Fight For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Our personal injury attorneys are serious about helping you recover compensation

Despite efforts to make Pittsburgh pedestrian-friendly, many pedestrians are seriously injured each year because of the carelessness of others. A car accident can change their lives in the blink of an eye. Our car accident lawyers focus on helping them recover from their injuries and get their lives back on track.

Unlike people in cars, a pedestrian has no protection in a crash. Pedestrians are left with serious injuries that may require surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, home health care and multiple follow-up visits with doctors. Medical expenses add up quickly. At Romanow Law Group, our experienced lawyers help injured pedestrians recover financial compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for you

Recovering compensation can be complicated. Car drivers often deny responsibility and may try to blame the pedestrian. That’s fine with the insurance companies, because they are always looking for ways to pay as little as possible. If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, they may try to question the seriousness of your injuries.

Or they may argue that you did not use reasonable care. For example:

  • The law requires that every pedestrian crossing a roadway at a point other than within a crosswalk at an intersection or any marked crosswalk must yield the right-of-way to vehicles.
  • Although the law requires yielding, it does not prohibit crossing, and the lone fact that a pedestrian crosses a street between intersections does not establish negligence on the part of the pedestrian.
  • A pedestrian crossing a street at other than a marked crosswalk or a crosswalk at an intersection is required to exercise a higher degree of care than a pedestrian crossing at an intersection or in a marked crosswalk.
  • Such a pedestrian must look before he or she begins crossing the street and continue to look while proceeding to cross the road.
  • A pedestrian has the right to rely on the exercise of reasonable care by motorists.
  • Whether a pedestrian has exercised due care in crossing a street at other than a marked crosswalk or a crosswalk at an intersection is a question of fact for the jury.
  • Our legal team investigates your accident to get the facts. We gather evidence, review accident reports and medical records, and interview witnesses. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts or other specialists. Our attorneys fight to hold negligent drivers accountable for the injuries they caused.

Strong cases that get results

A case involving a child pedestrian hit by a car can be very different from that involving an adult pedestrian. A motorist must exercise more care when he or she knows of the presence of children in or around the vicinity of the street – for example, school zones, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas.

We’re not interested in making quick deals with the insurance company to help them save money. Our firm is committed to helping you get maximum compensation. We build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously. Because they know that we are always ready to fight for clients in court, if necessary.

If you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. Call 1-844-GET-MORE or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced car accident attorneys. If we do take your case, you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation. It’s our No Fee guarantee.