Attorney Andrew Flenner

Helping people who have been hurt in Pittsburgh car accidents

I was raised in Pittsburgh. I grew up in Crafton and graduated from Moon High School. I am not one of those guys who went straight to law school after college. I worked for about a decade in radio before going to law school. Working in radio through the 90s was a blast! Eventually I outgrew being the wacky morning guy. I realized that I had more to offer than traffic updates and clever jokes. As an attorney at Romanow Law Group, I draw upon the values I adopted growing up here and the communication skills I perfected in my on-air career.

My first job as an attorney was for a defense firm. That means that I worked for insurance companies to either limit or to prevent injured people from obtaining benefits or awards for their injuries. It did not take very long for me to realize that is not where I belonged. I went to law school because I wanted to help people and keeping the company’s insurance premiums low was not the type of help in had in mind.

Although I grew up in Crafton and Moon, I have since crossed the river and live in the North Hills with my wife, Dawn, and my son, Dylan. No offense to my South Hills friends, but it is just SO much easier to get into town from here.

In my free time, I enjoy music, like any former radio guy would. I will admit that I am kind of stuck in the early 2000s with my musical tastes. On warm sunny weekends I love to fire up my smoker and make barbecue for anybody who wants to stop over, or I like to play golf. On cold, gray, wintery weekends, I stay inside and curse the cold and dark.

I represent people injured at work, in car accidents, and any other type of personal injury. If you need legal representation, please contact us.


  • Penn State – B.A., Telecommunications
  • Penn State Dickinson School of Law – J.D.


When I am not practicing law, I am usually watching or following our local sports teams. On the weekends I love spending time outdoors perfecting my barbeque. My specialty is smoked brisket served with hand-cut fries, which are just as good as the ones from Kennywood. I live in the North Hills with my beautiful wife, Dawn, and am fortunate that my son, Dylan, lives right down the street. And, oh yeah, I dislike all things Patriots. 

Message from David:

At my firm we only hire lawyers who have top credentials because those are the type of attorneys that the firm’s clients deserve to have working on their cases. Our clients quickly realize that Andrew is a down-to-earth lawyer (they do exist) who treats them like a neighbor, friend and/or family member. As a former radio-show host, Andrew possesses great communication skills and knows how to effectively articulate his points to a broad audience, which is why he consistently outperforms his clients’ expectations.