Beware of Imitators

We are an injury law firm in Pittsburgh

Romanow Law Group is one of the leading accident and injury practices in western Pennsylvania. The firm has extensive knowledge of trauma-related injuries, unmatched investigative experience, relationships with nationally respected experts and a willingness and ability to try accident injury cases before a jury, if necessary.

Every lawyer at our firm focuses exclusively on car accident cases. This means that we know every aspect of injury law. There are tricks of the trade that only experienced injury attorneys know, and we’ve learned them all. We are dedicated to our craft and our results and client reviews are testament to that.

Beware of:

  • The “Settlement Factory” Lawyer
    Settling an accident injury case for too little can have tragic consequences. Be careful of law firms that minimize the amount of attorney time dedicated to resolving cases.
    Settlement mill law firms process claims, not practice law. Non-lawyer employees, usually with minimal attorney oversight, cycle through huge volumes of cases. These law firms rarely gather evidence, appear in court or do anything that amounts to the traditional legal work. Settlement mills prey on unsuspecting clients that rarely know what the true value of their claims are worth. Assembly line justice never equals the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law.
  • The Jack-Of-All-Trades Lawyer
    Some law firms claim to handle all types of cases, no matter what the type of case.
    If your physical and financial future is in jeopardy, you might not want to select a lawyer who dabbles in personal injury law one day, criminal law the next day and family law on the weekends. Some lawyers are very skilled at multiple different legal disciplines or are willing to learn a new area of the law for a client, but just make sure that this is known prior to retaining counsel.
    The practice of law is highly specialized. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for a lawyer to cross over and practice in an unfamiliar area of the law. Even many general practices dedicate different attorneys to different practice groups. A lawyer may be the best criminal lawyer in town, but a terrible personal injury lawyer. Just like how an athlete might be a great basketball player, but a terrible hockey player.
  • The Discount Lawyer
    Discount lawyers often get discount settlements, which means less money to the client, regardless of the fee percentage charged.
    Read all Fee Agreements carefully.
    If you have been seriously injured in an accident you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find the best representation. There are usually many reasons why a lawyer must market his or her services at below the market rate and choosing this type of lawyer could end up costing you plenty.

There are some things in life that are simply too important to risk by using a discount service. For instance, if you needed surgery, you would want the best surgeon, not the cheapest. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, the lawyer you pick to represent you is just as important.

Choose the Right Lawyer

David Romanow served for years as trial counsel for the catastrophic injury division of a large and prestigious personal injury law firm before founding Romanow Law Group. He has spent his entire career fighting for injured people and has the experience that matters. Our injury law firm maintains a perfect 5-star rating from our past clients because we get the job done and make it easy for our clients to focus on what really matters, getting better – both financially and physically.

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